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Mitchell (Moe) Long

I'm the Founder/Editor in Chief of and In 2013, I began my writing career, and since then have written for the likes of MakeUseOf, TechBeacon, SmartHomeBeginner, Tom's IT Pro, The Penny Hoarder, and DZone,, and Electromaker. Outside of writing, I co-host the Celluloid Fiends Podcast. When I'm not hammering away at the keyboard, I enjoy watching film, running, drinking far too much coffee, and playing with my adorable dog Sebastian.

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About this course

Have you wanted to get started on the right foot with blogging with SEO and Affiliate sales in mind?
Then this is the course for you!

We'll get started from the absolute beginning - including how to choose the right niche and focus for your long term success.

You can do this whole course on its 6-week schedule, or work through and review items at your own pace as the lessons are revealed each week.

Our goal for you with this course is for you to be well on your way to affiliate profits with a new blogging website of your own creation.

Register now and get started immediately.

Course includes:

  • 6 weeks of lessons
  • Activities, quizzes, and discussion prompts
  • Written content and videos
  • Actionable, step-by-step frameworks for what makes a successful affiliate site
  • Instructor engagement in discussions

You will learn:

  • How to pick a niche
  • How to find keywords for SEO
  • Content planning and writing
  • Where to find affiliate programs and what makes a good affiliate program
  • Best-practices for naming and setting up your website

Using the strategies I share in this course, I was able to grow my personal site from scratch to over 100,000 monthly pageviews in less than a year and a half! That was purely from writing high-quality, well-researched, SEO-rich content.